A Testament to the Taste of Tomatoes

Our resident Parisian Tori Sharp provides us with three delicious Tomato based recipes.

I have in my fridge an abundance of tomatoes. I found a shop that sells seven varieties of the sweet round fruit (vegetable?). And I went crazy for them. Green, yellow, orange, red. Round, cylindrical and some quite square. I’ve now had to work out interesting ways to eat them all. So, a day of eating revolving around tomatoes in the simplest way possible.


Pan con Tomate

A Spanish staple, tapas-style dish, which uses a grater to make light work of the little red treasures.

For Two People

4 slices of good bread

EV Olive Oil



Two medium size tomatoes

One small clove of garlic

- Toast your bread

- Grate your tomatoes on the chunky side of your box grater until you have a pulp. Season it with salt and pepper

- Once toast is done, drizzle with olive oil and rub a garlic clove generously over the slices

- If you can be bothered, you can sieve your tomato mixture to make it a little bit less watery, but I don’t bother usually when cooking for myself

- Spoon rouge tomato-ey goodness over your toast and eat quickly and messily

- Really great served with boiled eggs and celery salt – an edible Bloody Mary!


Tomato Tatin

The perfect dish to impress with minimum effort, a real showstopper for a sunny lunch.

For four to six people

Puff pastry (a block is easiest)


EV Olive Oil

Fresh herbs (basil, thyme & oregano all work well)

Lots of tomatoes of varied sizes and colours (800g ish)

Sprinkle of sugar

Vinegar (red wine or balsamic)

- Pre-heat oven to 200C

- Half your tomatoes and scoop out the watery insides (don’t need to be too precise)

- Butter and oil in a pan on medium heat and cook your tomatoes skin side down in batches until they go a bit soft but still hold their shape

- Transfer the toms into a pie dish, still skin side down, and cram them in because they’ll shrivel up a bit

- Into the frying pan add a sprinkle of sugar and a dash of vinegar to deglaze, then pour this agro dolce sauce onto the tomatoes

- Roughly chop whatever herbs you have and throw on top

- Roll your pastry out to a little bit bigger than the tart tin and gently lay on top

- Tuck the edges under the tomatoes with a spoon and then fork some holes in the top to let the steam out

- Bake in the oven until the pastry has risen and is golden brown

- The hardest part is flipping it out onto a plate to serve (so don’t do this in front of company)

- Garnish with more herbs and serve with a fresh crisp lemony salad


Comforting Sunday night supper with just the right amount of warmth to differentiate from a standard tomato pasta


Four big red chillies halved and de seeded

Thinly sliced garlic four cloves

Sicilian lemon or unwaxed add the zest

Punnet of fresh big tomatoes

Four anchovies

Linguine (spaghetti otherwise)

EV Olive Oil

Parmesan or pecorino

- On quite a low heat, add a healthy glug of olive oil and add in your halved chillies

- After a few minutes and still on a low heat, add your verythinly sliced garlic and fry very gently, not allowing anything to burn or brown

- Add in a large punnet of fresh tomatoes (big red and little cherry toms work nicely)

- Turn the heat up a notch and let the tomatoes cook down until they’re disintegrating

- You can use a tin of plum tomatoes here to bulk out the sauce if you prefer

- Zest a whole lemon and add this to the tomatoey mix and taste and season

- Four anchovies can go in now, and allow them to dissolve into the sauce

- Salt some boiling water and cook some linguine (the nicest shape for this sauce in my opinion) Keep back some pasta water to add to the sauce and make it silky

- Drain the pasta

- Add to the sauce

- A generous drizzle of olive oil and a grating of parmesan whilst tossing the pasta makes the world


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